Friends of SCICON History Page


Friends of SCICON

Award of Merit Recipients

1967 - Present


Sunnyside Union School District

Mountain Home Conservation Camp

United States Forest Service, Engine 25

Tulare County Board of Supervisors

Gordon Jones, SCICON Eagle Point Naturalist

Roger Gibson, SCICON Eagle Point Activity Specialist

Sandy Keierleber, SCICON Cook Helper

Karen Morgan, SCICON Cook

Nancy Mae Ewert, Dinuba



Ines Rivera, Citrus High School, Counselor

Nichole Mendez, SCICON Aquatics Naturalist

Donna Walker, SCICON Geology Naturalist

Clare Gist, Tulare City School District, Superintendent


Tracy Delperdang, SCICON Museum Specialist

Lorei Hayslett, Redwood High School, Counselor

Kenny Walker, Springville Lion's Club


Jeff Paul, Cal-Fire


Patty Rueger, Springville Women's Club

Mike Milanesi, Tulare City Schools

Gina Phillips, SCICON Birding Naturalist

Gabriela Porter, SCICON Secretary

Brenda Cox, SCICON Activity Specialist

Micham Construction

Koemmpel Family

Chris Duerkson



Kellee Lamb - Forestry Specialist

Carol & Mark Montag

Chris McLain - Mangini & Associates

Jim Emerson

Kathy Canata - Porterville High Guidance Counselor

Michelle Junio - Tulare City Schools

Olivia Anderson - SCICON Substitute

David Coelhok - Tulare City Schools

Joe Gomes - Tulare City Schools


J.D. Heiskell & Company

Melissa Hash, Visaslia Unified School District

Melissa Withnell, SCICON Liaison

Debbie Thompson, Food Service Manger, Tulare City Schools

Karin Dixon, Ed.D., Lindsay Unified School District


Gary Mekeel, Ed.D., Superintendent, Burton School District

Connie Owens, Superintendent, Springville Union School District

Pansy Torres Ceballos, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Tulare County Office of Education

Donnie Antonetti, Sysco Foods

Mary Zwetzig

Betty Jo Peacock

Richard Frost


Dr. Val Staley, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, Porterville Unified School District

Tracy Tucker, Maintenance & Operations Director, Burton School District

Chris Croson, Delivery Driver, Educational Resource Services, TCOE

Robert Romero, SCICON Cook, Tulare County Office of Education

Conan Palmer, Media Developer, Sam Pena Impact Center, TCOE


Dave Depaoli, Superintendent, Strathmore Union Elementary School District

Tom Giampietro, Superintendent, Monson-Sultana Joint Union Elementary School District

Craig Van Horn, A & W Restaurants

La Sierra Military Academy

La Sierra High School Graphic Arts Department



Richland School District

Porterville Breakfast Rotary

Sierra Forest Products

Troupe TCOE – Theatre Company

Carol & Mark Montag, Visalia

Tamara Douglass, Tipton Elementary School District

Cliff Barnes, Delano Union Elementary School District

Betty Hildebrand, SCICON Nurse



Bill DeLain, Regional Manager, Southern California Edison

Ann Garner, Career Technician, Granite Hills High School, Porterville Unified

Ron Buenafe, Retired Tulare School Administrator

Lois “Pogie” Ingram, Naturalist, SCICON

Del Baker, Retired Maintenance Foreman, Earlimart Elementary School District

Danni Franklin, SCICON Liaison, Tulare County Office of Education

Lorena White, Web Developer, TCOE

Kevin Matteson, Network Services Manager, TCOE

Mickey Hirni, Board Member, Exeter Union Elementary School District



Engine 25, Sequoia National Forest

Angel Jimenez & Jaime Martinez, Richland School District

Bill Pine, CPA, Visalia

Stan & Wendy Simpson, TCOE Foundation

Region 8 Migrant Education, TCOE

Melinda Kemp, Delano High School District

Mike Fernandez, Earlimart School District Maintenance Director

Rich Graham, General Services Administrator, TCOE

Neil Janz, SCICON Naturalist

Najia Kenehan, SCICON Naturalist



Robert Herman – Public Information Officer, TCOE

Priscilla Gomez – Secretary, TCOE

Janet Kliegl – Superintendent, Lindsay Unified

Bonnie Armstrong – Guidance Counselor, Lindsay High School

Steve Tietjen, Superintendent, Woodlake Union Elementary School District

John Caudle, Asst. Superintendent, Business Services, Tulare City Schools

Sue Ann Hillman – Director II, Curriculum, Tulare City Schools

Gerald Benton – Superintendent, Tulare Joint Union High School District

Karen Davis – Vice-principal, Tulare Western High School

Dianne Shew – SCICON Tree Nursery Naturalist

Mary Eberle – SCICON Museum Specialist

Doyle Morris – Tulare

Sally Pace – Guidance Counselor, Woodlake High School (Special appreciation plaque)



Tulare County Youth Corps

Tule River Astronomy Association

Christine Beck, Sixth Grade Teacher, St. Aloysius School, Tulare

Duane Shamley, Troop Leader, BSA Troop #139  

Valerie Keileber, SCICON Naturalist

Doug Bartsch, Area Administrator, Visalia Unified

Chris Reed, Tulare County Board of Education

Diane Cahill, SCICON Lead Teacher



Myron Sheklian, Area Administrator, Visalia Unified School District

Joe Terri, Principal, Tulare Elementary School District

Jim Sullins, UC Cooperative Agricultural Extension

Joyce Rugeroni, Monache High School, Porterville Unified

Wayne Clark, Superintendent, Pixley Union Elementary School District

Pixley Union School

Ed Martin, Lemoore High School

21st District PTA

Southern California Edison

Tulare County Sheriff

Nancy Bruce, Lead Teacher, Circle J - Norris Ranch



Mel Gong, Tulare County Sheriff VIP Program

Kraft Foods, Inc.

Roy Rico, Delano Union Elementary School District

Delano Union Elementary School District Maintenance Department

Bob Hight, Sixth Grade Teacher, Visalia Unified

Randy Mitchel, SCICON Nurse

Sally Bakke, Ed.D,  Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Tulare County Office of Education

Kiwanis Club of Tulare

Visalia Breakfast Lions

Kiwanis Club of Dinuba



Patsy Nuckols, Career Technician, VUSD

Pam Zschau, Career Technician, VUSD

Barbara Carter, Career Technician, VUSD

Teresa Ramos, Career Technician, VUSD

Pam Sotelo, Tulare City Elementary School District

Joan Bezerra, Tulare City Elementary School District

Yoplait Yogurt Company

Ken Hochnadel, Business Administrator, TCOE

Alex Price, Lead Teacher, SCICON



Jake Rankin, Superintendent, Porterville Unified School Distritc

John Beck, Superintendent, Tulare City Elementary School District

Ken Saylor, 6th grade Teacher, Alta Vista School

Ron Jefferson, Principal, Dinuba Unified School District

Hans Behrens, Teacher, Tulare City Schools and SCICON volunteer

Linda Owens, Citrus High School, Porterville Unified School District


Exeter Union Elementary Board of Trustees

Robert LoBue, Exeter Union Elementary Board Member

Mark Hellwig, Exeter Union Elementary Board Member

Mickey Hirni, Exeter Union Elementary Board Member

Chris Tantau, Exeter Union Elementary Board Member

Ideal Louis Curtis, Exeter Union Elementary Board Member

James "Nick" Nichols, Alta Vista School Board Member

L.E. Cooke Company

Michael Velten - Sears

Wal-Mart Distribution Center

Debbie Thompson, Tulare City Schools

Bernice Morris, Tulare City Schools

Larry Duarte, Lindsay

Springville Mountain Lions "A" Team

Ed Zisko, Visalia



Mike Lane, Lane Engineering        

Ron Barker, Barker Paving

Jostens Printing & Publishing                

SS Shirts                                                    

Lemoore Naval Air Station                    

Chief Eric Everest, U.S. Navy                                   

Karen Neufeld, Ed.D., Fresno Pacific University                                         

Tulare County Fair                                   

Tulare Adult School                                 

Jonathan Wagy, Society of American Foresters                                        

Al Watts, Principal, Delano Union Elementary School District           



Ted & Asih Olson, Olson Computer Services

Frances S. Pyles, artist

Donna Gill-Luallen, Principal, Strathmore Union Elementary School District

Don & Bonnie Westerling

Scott Wahab, Principal, Visalia Unified

Steve Rodriguez, Teacher, Visalia Unified

California Department of Forestry



Pam Canby, Assistant Superintendent, Tulare City Elementary School District

Stan Isaac, Dinuba Unified School district

Standard Register Company

Phillip Young, Tulare City Schools

Sally Pace, Woodlake High School

Aurora Medina, Woodlake High School



Bill Meeker, SCICON Naturalist

Tom Fischer, SCICON Naturalist

Lily Rosenow, SCICON Naturalist

Eleanor Norris, Circle J - Norris Ranch

Don Simonic, Principal, Porterville Unified School District



Larry Lewis Architecture

Ramon Resa, M.D., Porterville

Michael Sawyer, Earlimart Middle School

Knudsen Dairy Products/Kraft Foods, Inc.

Ken Berkshire, Richland School District

Holly & Dave Derington

Mitch Edwards (Turkey Ranch)



Wayne & MaryJane Yada, Premier Color Graphics, Visalia

Burl Wood, Lindsay

Dr. Fred Dietrich, Porterville

Roman “Ray” Alvarez, Tulare

Linda Moench, Sixth Grade Teacher, Porterville Unified School District

William “Briz” Brisby, SCICON Naturalist



Don Lieb          

Robert Krase,  Attorney

Fred Brown Family

Robert Craven

Bill Polanec, Pacific Bell

Shirley Houser, Principal, Exeter High School

Pat Back, 21st District PTA

Betty Cornell, Tulare County Board of Education



Diane Cahill, Museum Specialist, SCICON

Nancy Inmon

Building Industry Association

Paul Daley, Daley Enterprises

Rick & Susan Mangini, Mangini Associates

Mike Weger, California Department of Forestry

Marsha Anderson, author, Tulare




Wilmetta (Willie) Dreith, SCICON Secretary

Robert Boulton, Principal, Porterville Unified School District

Verna Crookshanks, Principal, Visalia Unified School District

Gary Heathman

Bernice Morris, Tulare City School District



Richard Ehrgott, Assistant Superintendent, Visalia Unified School District

Jesse Holland, Tulare City Schools

Dean Martin, Martin Investments, Tulare

Sylvia Navarro, California Conservation Corps



Eddie M. Shields

David Price, SCICON Naturalist

William Clark, Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner

Society of American Foresters

John Sullivan, Tulare County Board of Education

Rick Mitchell, Lead Teacher, SCICON



Ray Burbank, SCICON Naturalist

Violet Palmer, Visalia Unified

Tulare Emblem Club

Valley Oak Garden Club

Allen Akin (Bushnel Optics)

Helen Young



Ruth Anderson, SCICON Nurse

Ruth Blankenship, Tulare High School District

Chloe Winston, Tulare High School District

Kevin Martin, California Department of Forestry

Ron Allison, Principal, Lemoore Union Elementary School District

Donald Vieira, College of the Sequoias

Capt. Jerry Palmer, Lemoore NAS



Gene Sadler, Mountain Home Conservation Camp

Steve Sullivan, Tulare

Sylvan Butts, Cutler-Orosi Unified

Bill Hall, Tulare City Schools

Joe E. Mendoza

Howard Meyers

Suzi Kimsey

Kevin & Bea Humann, SCICON maintenance and food service directors



Tom Byars, Superintendent, Sunnyside School

Larry Schryer, Principal, Visalia Unified

Dee McCarter, Visalia Unified



Dale Tallant, Tulare

Don Mierau, Principial, Dinuba Unified

Bruce Borror, Sequoia Ranch

Norris Beakes, SCICON Director



Michael & Helen Wal, Springville

Glen Dabbs, Tulare City Schools

California Conservation Corps



Daryl Medders, SCICON Site Director

Lenora Eichenberger, Dinuba Unified

Isahiah McGriff



Jim Crew, California Department of Fish & Game

Tony Picciuto, Contractor, Lindsay

Tom Clifford, Visalia Unified

Alice Buckley, Porterville Unified

Pat Hillman, Tulare County Board of Education



Don Peckrek

Dick Ethridge, Cutler-Orosi Schools

Leon Rogers

Sabin Gray, Tulare County Office of Education

Jim Vidak, SCICON Director, Asst. Superintendent, Visalia Unified, County Superintendent, Tulare County Office of Education



Luke Waterman, SCICON Naturalist

Dick Hoskins, Lindsay

Horace & Kathy Gonzalez

Kathy Vidak, Visalia

Sabin Gray, Tulare County Office of Education



Clinton Cates, Director of Human Resources, TCOE

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dobson

Robert Felts, Tulare County Counsel

Jack Mann, Superintendent, Cutler-Orosi Unified School District

Norman McCarter, Science Team Coordinator, Visalia Unified School District

Brian Vaccaro, Superintendent, Woodlake Schools

Rudolph Weyland,  Director of Curriculum Services, Tulare County Office of Education

Dick Yount, Delano

Thelma Gomez, Assistant Superintendent, Tulare City Elementary School District

Bill Postlewaite, Superintendent, Tulare City Elementary School District

Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Price, Porterville


Dr. Dean Hall, County Superintendent, Tulare County Office of Education

Wendell Bayless, Principal, Dinuba Unified School District

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Slusser

Joyce Bradford, Visalia Unified

Burke Thompson, Tulare County Board of Education

Louanne Rasmussen, SCICON

Jeanie Esajian



James Ward, Cutler-Orosi

Polly Ash, SCICON Site Director

Tulare Advance Register

George Levin, Morris Levin & Sons, Tulare

Merle Stone, Merle Stone Chevrolet

Visalia Times Delta

Charles Browne, Visalia Unified

David Sarr, Teacher, Earlimart School District

Dinuba Sentinel

George Hougton

John Vacarro, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, TCOE

Porterville Recorder


Max Chobaian, Tulare

Blas Diaz, Visalia

Elisabeth Evans, Tulare

Vernon Graves, Visalia Unified

Dr. Tom Van Groniugen, Superintendent, Porterville High School District

Mary Elaine Simonic, Teacher, Porterville Elementary School District

Frances White, Superintendent, Woodlake Schools

Ray Wooley, Dinuba



Marguerite Barton, artist

Floyd & Maurice Brown

Newell Herum, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Visalia Unified

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Mason

Marguerite Simpkins



Bruce Crawford

Ken Griswold, Cutler-Orosi Unified School District

George Haden, TCOE

John Kline, Science Coordinator, Visalia Unified School District

Ralph Naffziger, Principal, Visalia Unified

Richard Schlagel, Principal, Porterville Schools

Ray Schlick, Octagon Architecture

Tulare Rotary Club



Mendenhal Johnson, Architecture

Dr. H. D. Lovik, Superintendent, Visalia Unified School District

Willard & Phyllis Wall, Porterville



Cecil Brooks, Principal, Dinuba Schools

Laurence Elrod, Superintendent, Cutler-Orosi Schools

Howard Glover, Superintendent, Earlimart School District

Leon Johnson, Superintendent, Strathmore Schools

Edward F. Peterson, Tulare County Board of Education



Richard Edmiston, Woodlake

Feorge Fuller Foundation

Mrs. Karl Garrison

Tom Hennion, Porterville Recorder

Dr. Arne Nixon, Assistant Superintendent, Tulare City Elementary School District



Beth Beinhorn

Max Cochran, County Superintendent, Tulare County Office of Education

Mrs. Karl Garrison

Roy Lightner

Moutain Home Conservation Camp

Arthur Pursell, astronomer



Hildor Barton, SCICON Naturalist

Ruth Jackson Chance

Cutler-Orosi Unified School District

Dinuba Unified School District                         

Earlimart School District

Allan Grant, County of Tulare

Grant Rich, Sequoia Forest

Charles Rich, SCICON Founder & Director, Tulare County Office of Education

Rosenberg Foundation

Tulare County Board of Education

Visalia Unified School District

J. Post Williams, County Superintendent, Tulare County Office of Education