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Your Help is Needed!

The Friends of SCICON are updating the SCICON History Book which chronicles the last 55 years of the SCICON program.  We are seeking input from individuals and organizations that have been part of the development of this great program. 

We are looking for stories of . . .
  • Facilities being constructed
  • Donations of land, equipment or financial resources
  • School & District involvement in the SCICON program
  • Individual memories of former SCICON students or cabin counselors
  • Success stories of SCICON students and/or cabin counselors
  • Memories of classroom teachers, school administrators and SCICON staff
Photos of . . .
  • Historical photos of SCICON
  • Students at SCICON
  • Teachers and School Personnel at SCICON
  • SCICON staff
  • Nature scenes at SCICON

All submissions should be sent in electronic format and emailed as attachments to . Stories and written material should be submitted as MS Word documents (preferred) or scanned and emailed.  Pictures may be scanned and emailed in any common file format.  If documents are mailed , please address them to:

The Friends of SCICON

PO Box 426

Springville, CA  93265

Questions?  Please email questions to or call (559) 539-2642.

Forty Years of Success at SCICON

In 1978, The Friends of SCICON raised the funds necessary to purchase one thousand acres of private land adjoining the SCICON campus. This purchase ensured forever the natural beauty and secluded setting of the SCICON campus.

In 1981, funds were raised to build the first wheel-chair accessible cabin at SCICON. This Handicabin allows all students, regardless of abilities, to attend the SCICON program.

In 1991, the Friends of SCICON, with the help of the BIA of Kings & Tulare counties, constructed the Health Center. This beautiful building serves as the nurse's office, infirmary and nurse living quarters.

In 2007, the Friends of SCICON raised over forty thousand dollars for the purchase of necessary furnishings and instructional supplies for SCICON's newest facility, Eagle Point Village. With Eagle Point Village completed, SCICON can continue to serve the growing student population of Tulare County and surrounding communities.

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