SCICON Fundraising T-shirt Project


School Order Form for Fundraising T-shirt

Each year, the Friends of SCICON produce a full-color t-shirt.  Every year the shirt artwork features a prominent part of the wildlife or natural landscape at SCICON.

The intent of this T-shirt project is to help the schools fund raise any funds associated with sending their students to SCICON (bus transportation, etc.)  The shirts are offered to the schools at wholesale cost (this year the cost is $9.00 per shirt including sales tax and shipping.)  Schools can then offer these shirts for sale to families and the communities with the profit kept by the school for SCICON-related expenses.  Many schools sell the shirts for $5.00 above the wholesale cost.

Other schools prefer to make the shirts available to the students at cost as an inexpensive memento of their SCICON experience.  The Friends of SCICON do not keep any portion of the t-shirt fees.  The Friends of SCICON undertake this project each year solely with the intent of assisting schools with fundraising.  For more information on this project please email or call 559-539-2642.